Less Lethal Solutions

The Defense Innovation less lethal launchers use a high pressure air system to propel various .68 caliber rounds with enough kinetic force to get the subject’s attention. Upon impact, LR-PXX/ LR-PX rounds unleash a cloud of capsaicin powder that seriously irritates the suspect's eyes, nose and throat. Rubber Training Projectiles sting and stun without significant harm. These projectiles make Defense Innovation launchers an outstanding tool for achieving subject compliance.

Defense Innovation less lethal projectiles do not penetrate skin, and those that break on impact do not pose ricochet hazards...making the Defense Innovation less lethal launchers safe even at contact range. The Less Lethal Capsaicin Projectiles burst on impact, filling the air around the subjects with irritant powder...meaning that officers using the launchers  do not have to directly hit their target to subdue the suspect. Impacts near barricaded or hidden suspects, or groups of suspects, will fill their air with irritant powder and provide them a strong incentive to move on...or outright incapacitate them ahead of being taken down.

The Defense Innovation less lethal launchers is extremely powerful and accurate, with velocities available exclusively for law enforcement and military personnel. Military personnel and LEOs can adjust the velocity down to safer speeds for training, or over 350 fps for range use in the field. This enables officers to make difficult shots from up to 150 feet, with the rounds carrying enough downrange kinetic energy to burst on impact and subdue the subject. 

Less Lethal Systems

Less Lethal Projectiles